Fatima and Shirley


We wanted to tell a story about tolerance and empathy, and see the world from the point of view of these two best friends, who are close regardless of their different backgrounds. On a personal note, I enjoyed learning more about Ramadan and my Muslim heritage. I was blessed to work with two wonderful lead actors, who bring each moment to life.
Shout out to Hijaz Moosa & Danny Sawaf for giving me the opportunity and Ali Shabaz from RAPP for writing such a lovely script. I really enjoyed our collaboration. Beautifully shot by Piers McGrail Wonderful grade by Joseph Bicknell who I’ve been jonesing to work with for a while. Dynamic edit by Nik Hindson and AssemblyRoom. Casting by Kharmel Cochrane Casting. This one came together quickly thanks to an amazing crew, Kaan and Moskitos Films. Sound and Mix by Patch Rowland, Machine Sound fronted by EP extraordinaire Matej Ocepek.

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